Monday, January 24, 2011

i think i made him a hippie. or something like that.

the boy came home from school and wanted a snack. he devoured an orange. dinner was spaghetti squash baked lasagna-style with my homemade sauce, full of garlic, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and anything else that was lying around, with some nutritional yeast for good measure. water to drink, vitamins taken, a homemade brownie, scrubbing the teeth, and off to bed.

he drinks organic, hormone-free milk, takes homemade lunches to school every day, thinks curried lentils are awesome. sometimes it occurs to me that he eats a primarily vegetarian diet. and likes it. weird. he gets excited about those curried lentils.

it also sometimes occurs to me that he has thrown up one time in the last two years in this house. he has had three colds. he is healthy as an ox and his school pants, purchased in august, are now getting short. he has minimal allergies, an abundance of energy, and is losing his taste for junk food.

i suppose he could argue about what's for dinner. he's tried before. it did him precious little good. (i'm not a short order cook. i pointed this out.) it does appear, though, that he likes to eat this way. that makes me happy. i like knowing that, in our home at least, he's getting nutrition that keeps him healthy and strong. i can't control what he devours as soon as he's out of our sight, but when he's here, it's good stuff all the way.

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  1. Ditto, my dearest. We could be interchangeable. Twilight Zone style.