Wednesday, January 12, 2011

today went smoothly...

the boy just read my blog. not bad for a 1st grader. he got interested when i told him i talk about him and about his dad and what our lives are like. i also told him i don't mention him by name so that if he gets older and is embarrassed by what i write he can deny it was him. also that i don't want him to have a "web presence" at his age. we'll save that for later when he can make his own mistakes.

for now i've sent him off to play so that i can write another blog so that he can read it. maybe, when he's older, he can read these and see that for every meltdown or tantrum he has at this age, i have three. i hope he sees that i have no idea how to do this right and i have nothing to go on. i hope he sees that i try every day to keep the emotional scars of childhood to a bare minimum and do everything i can to keep him healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

those days when it's just me and him, when his dad is out of town or working late, we're always proud at the end of the day when we can look at one another and say "we didn't kill each other once." for us, that's a successful day. today is one of those days. we didn't kill each other once.

today went smoothly.

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  1. I want my babies' childhoods to be so honest, open, and free that sometimes I forget my own life and happiness therein can affect them. Overall, I'm shockingly happy. I didn't know a person could BE this happy. But I get so obsessed with being a person these children can look back and be proud of that I forget they are proud of us when we spend time making fairy houses out of boxes and cities with chalk. My perfect grades in grad school mean less to them than last night's dishes. Sigh. I'm a non-step momma, and I'm still figuring it out, too.