Sunday, January 16, 2011

too much charm can be a dangerous thing...

the boy is charming. very charming. this is a kid who can walk into a store, find a lady giving samples, and get a triple serving. a boy who can walk up to my ex-husband in that same store and get a hug and interest on his new loose tooth. he knows no shyness. he walks up to police officers working security at festivals and gives them high fives. he is known in our local grocery store. shopkeepers trade him their wares for the rocks he offers them. it is truly something to behold.

i even think he had something to do with me being given a free tire at a local store. that's right, a tire. with complimentary installation. for free. yeah.

he gets it from his father. my husband has beautiful blue-gray eyes with long, dark lashes. he is also devastatingly handsome. ( i have often told him that being so good looking, he really could get away with being quite stupid if he ever wanted. he's really that gorgeous. ) when the husband was a boy, he would ask people if he had beautiful eyes. without fail, they said he did. and presumably offered to buy him ponies and toy train sets. he is still offered things due to his beautiful eyes, but i'm fairly certain ponies have been replaced by shots of various liquors. good man he is, he declines.

me? all i've got are enormous teal colored eyes that make it hard for people to yell at me or get truly angry. that can be a bonus. as a teenager, i was pulled over for speeding seven times before i got my first ticket. blond hair and huge, teary eyes work wonders.

i'm going to see i can get another tire. if the big eyes don't work, perhaps a low-cut shirt will help matters.


  1. Low-cut shirt, good eye make-up. You'll at least get a discount, gorgeous. :)

  2. I just finished reading the whole site, I laughed, I cried, I related. The depression at Christmas hit home with me. It was so hard for me too. The one bright side to Christmas was seeing my daughter-in-laws face when she received the present my husband gave her and giving our son his presents. It was my only high spot for the season. Keep up the are good. I plan on passing this site on to other members of my family.