Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sorry, i've been crappy about keeping up with this. i suck.

so, i have this blog, my paying gig, nathaniel in college, phoenix being 7, my dad just had surgery, nathaniel's pop just had surgery. oh, and a full time job. and a house to clean. and meals to make. and pets to care for. man, i need longer days. like, 36 hour days would be nice. i'm finally settling in to reading a couple of the dozens of new books i picked up at second hand stores, namely short stories by somerset maugham and david sedaris, so my brain can stop atrophying. i have watched all 5 seasons of "the kids in the hall" and have fallen in love with both netflix and dave foley all over again. (if i have a child, he/she shall be named parker foley. obsess much?) i had a late meeting at work last night and an early one this morning. there will be no paragraph breaks in this blog. i am too tired and wired and all that to bother with that. i need to go out shooting. sounds weird for an obama loving hippie, right? it's a stress reliever. i need that.

i'm so tired.