Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day weekend did not suck: a success story

this father's day went much better than last father's day. last year, the boy was being a bit bratty, which he was promptly called out on, and things were a little rough. this year, he was in great spirits and we all had a marvelous time.

friday night saw us attempting to play some basketball at the school only to realize that it was still pert near 100 degrees outside at around 6:00 pm. we decided to chuck the idea and go play in the sprinklers instead. saturday was spent at the lakes. no one got a sunburn, making it a truly momentous event. we did the paddle boat thing and had a blast. today, we took my dad out for lunch at cattleman's steakhouse. (i got special props for calling days ahead to make reservations. so many angry people glaring at us. it pays to think ahead, folks.)

the only downside was when the kiddo had to go. he wasn't keen on the idea all weekend. he was hoping to stay until the fourth of july but we had to explain to him that he would be back for it. it's always hard to send him back. as  he was walking out the door, he looked at me and said, "would you like a hug?" i got my hug plus a kiss blown at me from the doorway. man, that kid owns me. straight up. curses...

so now i'm sitting here waiting for my husband to get home. even a few hours apart and we get sappy. we don't do apart well.

on another note, i've decided, after watching nearly every episode of 3rd rock from the sun, that i am getting a 1961 rambler and naming it "joseph gordon-levitt the car". yep.


  1. Ours sucked. A** on all fours. We spent it 5 states apart {and it was The Mister's 1st} and I ended up taking Dandelion t the E.R. in a strange town. Pass.

  2. i do have a great deal of sympathy for your horrid weekend, but that description made me cackle. i literally lol'ed. and i don't often do that.