Friday, June 10, 2011

sent the man off for a nap so that i can decompress. and do this rambling thing.

i have had a long day. the nature of my job makes people not like me. i am the one who tells them they can't do what they want on their own property. i'm used to it and it doesn't really bother me, but sometimes i'm reminded of the unpopular nature of what i do. it could be worse, i suppose, but working in government is not the way to win friends in this political climate, even if it's just local government. ah well, being employed is a thing of beauty and i won't think of it any other way. 

the weather, however, is in no way beautiful and i hate it with an unbridled passion. the dryness is making my sinuses miserable and my skin doesn't know whether to break out or take on the texture of crepe paper. i bought a humidifier today in hopes that my headache might go away. exciting, i know. 

phoenix is going to be here next weekend for father's day and then we get him again on the fourth of july weekend. i'm already planning tons of stuff to do. i worry about him when he's not here. i worry that he's not wearing his glasses, that he's not drinking enough water, that he's not wearing sunscreen and bug repellent. i realize the child is not mine and he is with his mother, but that doesn't stop the worrying. it's what i do. i'm a type a personality. 

in fertility news, we are now looking in to how some herbal supplements might be helpful in gettin' me knocked up. maca and vitex (chasteberry, as it's also known) are being taken and we are timing things out, thanks to the suggestion of samantha. (nothing's sexier than discussing cervical mucous, amiright?) so, yes, the quest continues. and that's all i'll say about that. create your own visuals. 

so there it is. i'm tired, it hasn't rained in months, phoenix is not here, and i'm still attempting pregnancy with the help of my loyal sidekick, husband man. and now i'm going to lay down and watch the real housewives of some place yell and drink and look like they had WAY too much plastic surgery. and i'm not proofreading this so you get what you get. 

bon soir, kids. 

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