Thursday, July 28, 2011

getting to be just a little more granola every day...

on my way to complete naturalness and harmony with gaia, i am quitting shampoo. yep. i'm trading in my products for baking soda washes and apple cider vinegar conditioning. sound nuts? maybe. but i'm a little tired of spending money on various shampoos and conditioners that make my hair feel weird and never as soft as i would like it to be. i'm also pretty sure that i'm allergic to every product ever made for hair in the history of the world. your scalp shouldn't itch ALL the time, right? i mean, that's a problem, right? oh, and the tons of chemicals in shampoos, like SLS? i can do without scrubbing that into my head and pouring it into the water supply.

day one of the experiment feels great. my hair feels oddly thicker than usual but really soft. there is almost no frizz. my scalp has 99.999% less itchiness. i know the first day isn't a great indicator but considering i thought baking soda and vinegar would wreck my baby fine hair, this is a marvelous surprise. (my hair is almost exactly the same texture it was when i was 5. it never got around to maturing. i haven't done much better myself.)

i've also taken to washing my face with honey in the mornings and doing a plain yogurt mask at night followed by a green tea toner. i dab a hint of coconut oil on my face before bed (it also makes an awesome deodorant, BTW) and i'm set. my skin is very, very happy right now.

so i guess i ought to go burn some patchouli and commune with nature now. or something. or i might watch arrested development. probably watch arrested development.

Monday, July 25, 2011

salad is just a vehicle for bacos and blue cheese dressing to get into my face.

so, with the boy coming back this weekend, our days of eating terrible foods are coming to an end. when he's here we're all about healthy stuff, whole grains, olive oil, garlic, quinoa. when he leaves? let's say a lot of pizza and lean cuisine has been seen doing the walk of shame out of our kitchen. i'm already planning out meals for when he returns. we'll have curried kale and chickpeas, some homemade pasta sauce, some vegetarian tacos. he actually likes this stuff. which is good. because his father and i should not be left to our own devices.

you know what we had for dinner the first night he was gone? bean dip and chips. yeah. we suck at being grownups.

we need a kid to keep us in line.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

where does amy winehouse fall on the scale of acceptable sorrow?

i am a fan of amy winehouse's music. i think she was talented, tragic, once-beautiful, and now possibly set for status as a legend. a death at a young age, however predictable, will send one to a legendary realm. we all saw it coming and for most of us, listening to her music coincided with mental guesses regarding how long she would be around. like with kurt cobain, no one was surprised. saddened, but not surprised.

the finding of her body comes a day after an absolutely horrific mass killing in norway. it is shocking and disturbing. around 80 young people, many in their teens, gunned down by an extremist, immediately after a bomb kills 7 and injures 15 in oslo. what do you do with a story like that? you didn't expect it. you didn't see it coming.

it seems like the tendency is to say that amy winehouse was a drug addicted, privileged pop star who lacked the will power to get off drugs and appreciate life. that mourning her is ridiculous next to a massacre and next to a famine in somalia and next to a war with casualties mounting. it might be ridiculous. or it might be natural.

i can't wrap my head around the norwegian massacre. i can't understand the idea of innocent kids being gunned down by a laughing madman. i can't comprehend the fear and the terror and the desperate attempts to get away and the agony when they failed. but i can comprehend ms. winehouse taking an addiction to its limits, finding no solace in success, and dying alone. it makes sense to me partly because i've been watching her self-destruction from afar for years and partly because, like me, she wasn't innocent. it wasn't done to her, she did it to herself. i can relate to that and so can a lot of us. i can't relate to the senseless deaths of so many young people.

it isn't that i don't genuinely mourn for those in norway, or those in somalia, or those lost to war. i do. but it's too big to absorb. it can't be understood. there is no reason or logic to help make sense of it. but the death of a drug addicted pop singer makes a sort of perfectly horrible sense. seeing it coming from far away doesn't make it less tragic. she was a person, no less worthy of being mourned than anyone else.

Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm well. and how are you?

so, the summer without the boy is coming to an end and not a moment too soon. i'm getting bored. not that i don't adore my husband, because i do, but without the kiddo here we have no schedule. we're not good at being adults when left to our own devices. we don't eat proper meals, we don't vacuum as often as we should. what do we do? we sleep in late, watch movies, and snuggle. not a bad way to spend weekends but not super productive, either.

one bit of flattery comes from the knowledge that the boy is actually excited to come home. that's heart warming in a huge way. turns out he likes being hounded constantly to clean his room and chew with his mouth closed and behave in a way that shows that he is growing up and maturing. who knew?

so it will be back to healthy meals and reasonable bedtimes and decent living after our hedonistic summer break. it was good while it lasted.