Thursday, July 28, 2011

getting to be just a little more granola every day...

on my way to complete naturalness and harmony with gaia, i am quitting shampoo. yep. i'm trading in my products for baking soda washes and apple cider vinegar conditioning. sound nuts? maybe. but i'm a little tired of spending money on various shampoos and conditioners that make my hair feel weird and never as soft as i would like it to be. i'm also pretty sure that i'm allergic to every product ever made for hair in the history of the world. your scalp shouldn't itch ALL the time, right? i mean, that's a problem, right? oh, and the tons of chemicals in shampoos, like SLS? i can do without scrubbing that into my head and pouring it into the water supply.

day one of the experiment feels great. my hair feels oddly thicker than usual but really soft. there is almost no frizz. my scalp has 99.999% less itchiness. i know the first day isn't a great indicator but considering i thought baking soda and vinegar would wreck my baby fine hair, this is a marvelous surprise. (my hair is almost exactly the same texture it was when i was 5. it never got around to maturing. i haven't done much better myself.)

i've also taken to washing my face with honey in the mornings and doing a plain yogurt mask at night followed by a green tea toner. i dab a hint of coconut oil on my face before bed (it also makes an awesome deodorant, BTW) and i'm set. my skin is very, very happy right now.

so i guess i ought to go burn some patchouli and commune with nature now. or something. or i might watch arrested development. probably watch arrested development.

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