Monday, July 25, 2011

salad is just a vehicle for bacos and blue cheese dressing to get into my face.

so, with the boy coming back this weekend, our days of eating terrible foods are coming to an end. when he's here we're all about healthy stuff, whole grains, olive oil, garlic, quinoa. when he leaves? let's say a lot of pizza and lean cuisine has been seen doing the walk of shame out of our kitchen. i'm already planning out meals for when he returns. we'll have curried kale and chickpeas, some homemade pasta sauce, some vegetarian tacos. he actually likes this stuff. which is good. because his father and i should not be left to our own devices.

you know what we had for dinner the first night he was gone? bean dip and chips. yeah. we suck at being grownups.

we need a kid to keep us in line.

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  1. This made me chortle, because I know exactly what you mean. I'm planning out the next 20 weeks of menus and corresponding grocery lists. Most notable on the list i the "Lunches" section. The mister must fend for himself, I will be enjoying many vegetarian crap meals for a $1.50 or less, and SONshine will have exquisite masterpieces to take to school. {Dandelion is nursing, so she gets nutrition.} When I check out at the store, it's Very evident what is mine and what is for the babes.