Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh, the summer ends so fast.

hanging out with the boy has been fun. i'm getting him eased back into health food and early bedtimes. he's been in bed awake for about an hour now. at least he's there resting and not running around. it's somewhat productive, or so i think.

he had his whole grain toast (one slice with natural peanut butter, one slice with nutella) and greek yogurt with honey for breakfast. he had baked eggplant with homemade sauce for dinner. he's had nothing but water to guzzle all day.

we did discuss behavior in school and how important it is to listen in class. we talked about doing what the teacher asks. we talked about the rules of our home and the rules of school and how similar they are.

we ended the day with a kids' yoga dvd and more water. he seems content. he asked for more yogurt and yoga tomorrow. i am more than okay with that.

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  1. Nutella?! Fancy yummy goodness! We only have nutella once a year. Sigh. Jealous of Your household! We only drink water also.