Sunday, August 28, 2011

startling news: it's not always about me. kind of.

i took the boy to church for the first time this morning. we picked st. andrews as our church of choice and walked in not knowing anything about what we were supposed to do. the boy proudly proclaimed to the first lady he saw that he had never been to church before. she was delighted to meet him and then she and i realized we knew one another from long ago. he was promptly escorted around the church and invited to many different events. he was a hit. he even invited the priest over for a water balloon fight.

i hadn't been rushing the church thing, to be honest. i'm an atheist and the husband is agnostic so church isn't the first place we would think to go on a sunday morning. but the boy wants to go to church. fiercely. and it's not about our beliefs, it's about his. he will be 8 next week and he is old enough to decide what he believes in. so church it is.

i like the episcopal church because of its social views and the rituals have an amazing beauty all their own. the people were lovely, the building is stunning, and the service was calming. so i guess the boy and i have somewhere to be on sundays.

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