Tuesday, November 8, 2011

almost had it. almost.

okay, so i missed a day of nablopomo yesterday but there was a really, really good reason: i curled up in bed with my husband at about 8:00 p.m. and it was all warm and snuggly and i didn't want to move. and yes, in my mind that qualifies as a really, really good reason. i mean, have you seen how handsome he is? it's his fault i don't get more things done. my house would be cleaner if he weren't so good looking.

i also did not make the pflag meeting tonight, also for a really, really good reason: this is one the night i get, every two weeks, when i am alone in the house for a bit. i watch real housewives with no one to judge me, i eat pizza, and i waste time on facebook. no one is calling my name, no one needs help with homework, no one is playing games on the computer. it's just me, a bunch of dogs, two cats, junk food, and reality tv. it's the little bit of me-time i get to do worthless things. sometimes you just need some nene screaming at sheree to calm the wild beast inside. or is that just me?

yeah, it's been stressful lately. flood insurance issues, managing money, taking care of the kid. it's like it all comes together in a tight knot on my right shoulder. just right there, where it hurts to move it. ugh. hate that. but tonight? it's vapid entertainment and unhealthy food choices time. at least until that ridiculously handsome husband of mine comes home. then i'll pretend i've been reading james joyce all evening and doing crunches.

forgive me for skipping a day, nablopomo. it won't happen again. okay, it might, but i'll try not to let it. unless there's a really, really good reason.

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