Friday, November 18, 2011

blogging under the influence...

of ibuprofen p.m.

yeah. i haven't been sleeping super great lately so i'm taking a little otc remedy for that this evening. it should be kicking in soon. let's see if this will be the night i sleep all the way through. my alarm clock is off, the bedroom is comfy, the animals are taken care of (including our neighborhood stray, who has been fed), the kiddo is with his mom for the week. sleep, sweet, sweet sleep, is going to be mine.

i may wake up in the morning as i did this morning, with a cat sitting on my back in an attempt to get my attention, but tonight there will be rest. it's well earned.

i resolved the great flood-insurance-cluster**** of 2011 this week, so the relief from that is amazing. the boy keeps acting up in school, so that's challenging but nothing can be done about that tonight. the husband is amazing and tolerant of my neuroses, so that's heartening. things are on a fairly even keel with no serious listing to report. (is that a sailing metaphor? i've never actually been on a boat. i haven't the faintest clue why i would work in any sort of sailing language.)

it would appear that the medicine is kicking in. let's just call this day finished and be done with it, shall we?

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