Sunday, November 27, 2011

i paved the road to hell this month.

so, i intended to do the nablopomo thing this month with diligence and concentration. but then stuff came up. stuff like getting a new flood insurance agent, getting the kid some glasses, paying bills, thanksgiving. you know. stuff.

anyway, i haven't posted as often as i should, but then again, i haven't done a lot of stuff that i should have this month. example? this weekend. it was a four-day weekend for thanksgiving, for which i, along with the husband, busted out a kickass dinner. (the boy was with his mom for the holiday and then with his grandmother for the rest of the weekend. she's even taking him to school for us tomorrow. awesome.) friday, saturday, and today? we did jack. zilch. less than nothing. the most energy we exerted was going to big lots. we found "mean girls", "the producers", and "a fish called wanda" for $1.88 each. and then we watched them. energy exertion- complete.

i have been so stressed and tired and grumpy and angry-faced lately that i don't feel bad about spending 72 hours in bed, give or take. i don't feel bad about ordering pizza for dinner tonight. i don't feel bad about not cleaning the bathroom like i meant to. what i do feel is less tension in my shoulders and a renewed sense that i should take more time to take care of myself.

i feel good.

sorry, nablopomo. life happened. and i'm really, really okay with that.

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