Tuesday, November 1, 2011

in which i talk about all the ways i rock.

i don't want to brag but i may possibly be the most awesome step-mom ever. really. i stepped it up this past weekend and took it to a new level. and now i'm really, really tired and would like to just retire undefeated, leaving my record pristine and my sanity intact.

on saturday our sleepy little town had it's first ever thriller dance/zombie walk and we were completely in. the boy and i went to a class to learn the dance and then zombied up to go perform it that night with roughly 185 of our closest friends. we even had religious protesters telling us we were going to hell! ( i mean, really, you could call me cliche for dancing to "thriller" but satanic? hardly. ) after the dance everyone zombie walked main street with the assistance of a darling state police escort. ah, it was fun. and we looked fabulous.

we handmade the boy's costume. he wanted to be the black knight from "monty python and the holy grail" and they just don't make that sort of thing for kids. who knew? so we found instructions on the wonderful interwebs, modified it to compensate for the fact that neither the husband nor i can operate a sewing machine, and made things awesome. he got tons of compliments on it and people seemed to think it was very cool, especially everyone old enough to know who monty python is. (the detachable arm worked for a while. at least the bloody stump was still intact.)

we stayed up waaaaay too late on sunday making the costume and getting everything ready for halloween. by the time trick or treating rolled around we were both exhausted but i took the kid out while the husband gave out candy and we managed to make it through. he raked in tons of candy, we met some neighborhood kids, and got to wander around after dark and past his bedtime. we finished the evening with pizza and "thriller" on youtube, as is our tradition. it was the perfect halloween. 

when all was said and done, i had blisters on my feet, a burn on my thumb from a glue gun that must have been made in 1842, and a house that looked like hobby lobby blew up in it. and here it is, tuesday, the day after halloween, and i'm still going.

which brings me back to the really, really tired thing. i'm going to give up now and soak in the shower until the knot in my right shoulder goes away. happy halloween to all and to all a good night.


  1. I can't operate a sewing machine either. I feel like there's probably a club that met at some point in my life to teach these sorts of things, but I never signed up. As a result I Always make my kids' costumes by hand, and I mean that literally, loL! Sewing machines are so mysterious, the wee bastards.

    Cool kid, that Phoenix! I think he has the PERFECT step-momma. You rock lots and tons!!

  2. Oh, and I always knew you were satanic. I'm sorry, but your tender heart and giving nature just gave you away. Jerk.