Friday, November 4, 2011

much like charles barkley, i am not a role model.

1. the boy cursed. i laughed and teased him until he admitted it.

2. when i burp really loudly he gives me a high five. i fist bump when he does the same. we do have a rule about not doing this in public and not when people are over, but yeah. it is what it is.

3. my early morning, super tired, needing motivation slogan is "let's do this crap."

4. i have a voice like a foghorn. it's loud and it carries. i have used it to advantage on a playground. it gets attention.

5. the child can quote arrested development, young frankenstein, and monty python. super age appropriate.

the basic gist is that i should not be in charge. this cannot end well.


  1. I. Love. You. Love. Like freaky. If we were strangers, you'd be alarmed at my devotion.

  2. but you see how i shouldn't be in charge of any child's development, even in a small way? it can lead to no good, no good at all.