Wednesday, November 9, 2011

pretty sure i'm doing this wrong.

this time it appears i'm doing the nablopomo wrong. there are prompts i think you're supposed to use to when writing the daily blogs. i haven't even looked at them. i'm kind of taking this as more of an opportunity to motivate myself to write every day, even when i'm pretty sure i have nothing to say. (turns out, i rarely have nothing to say. words are always ready to explode from my face like alphabet dynamite.)

so, ignoring all rules for this little experiment and doing what i feel like doing, i'll just give an update on things that aren't terrible right now.

*the boy should have his glasses this week. poor kid has been without them for a month, give or take a few days, and seriously needs vision correction. we even got called in to see his teacher because since he hasn't had his glasses, his classroom behavior has, rather understandably, taken a nosedive. backup pairs will be ordered so that he doesn't have to suffer this again. (thanks, zenni optical, for making it possible to keep an 8 year old boy in glasses.)

*the husband also got glasses and he looks amazing with them on. they're thick black frames (think: buddy holly) and suit him very well. they also suit my nerd fetish very well. i'm trying to talk him into a pocket protector and maybe a pair of suspenders. maybe for valentine's day...

*i ordered a new pair of glasses just for me. just because.

*my insurance saga may be coming to a close, which means the stress headaches and grouchiness of the past few months might also be coming to a close, which means everyone is going to be much, much happier.

*i have a cat who insists on eating in the bathroom while i shower. i'm not sure if this qualifies as something that isn't terrible but it's sort of worth mentioning. also, he only eats chicken if i hand-feed him or if one of the other cats is there to eat some, too. prissy little thing.

so, how is your day?


  1. I also did not know there were prompts. We made our own, D@MM!T!

  2. we have no need for prompts. we do what we please. 'cause we are the rebels of the blogosphere.

    we need biker jackets and some sort of insignia.