Saturday, November 5, 2011

putting it all out there. but not in a stripper kind of way.

writing about your personal experiences and posting them online is weird. i'm new to being trolled and it always throws me for a loop. what really gets me, though, is the people who say they relate and, heaven forbid, help them. one lady commented that what i wrote helped her feel less alone. one said she cried when she read my piece because it was exactly what she was going through. one guy called me a feminazi. but he was a troll, so that's not one of the "you're helping me, i totally relate" ones. but still.

when you're honest and you put yourself out there, you get reactions you never would have dreamed of. you get a whole spectrum of opinions. you're right, you're wrong, i totally know where you're coming from, if you were smarter you would see how jacked your life is. every blogger or internet writer i've ever read is right: the negative comments weigh a thousand times more than the positive ones. at least until you get used to it. but hey, at least if you're honest with yourself and your readers, you're doing what you're supposed to do. and that's something.


  1. You're wrong. Totally awful. A horrible person. Oh wait. Lies all, are those. {Now I sound like Yoda.} I actually haven't had any negative comments yet, but I've gotten s couple ... odd emails.

  2. There is a Wordpress blog on which I never write anymore, and on it exists a years-old piece I wrote, very obviously tongue-in-cheek, trying to be dumbly funny, about how gross I find ferrets. (The ones I knew as a kid always smelled like urine. Not their fault, but now I associate the poor weasels with pee-pee.) Complete with dumb pictures every few paragraphs. And despite it being a pretty obvious attempt at comically over-the-top and not serious, to this day, I STILL get a hate letter from a ferret lover pretty much once a month in reference to that one silly blog.

    I would take the goofy blog down, but these letters are hilarious. They're usually written by people with the grammar/spelling skills of an average first grader, and are sooooo entertaining. It has been great training for me in learning to laugh at the angry trolls, rather than letting them get to me. Now I call my husband in to giggle at the latest one when I get them. :)

  3. @kate: odd emails might frighten me. i feel like having people call me names on a website is way less scary than having someone tell me directly that i have done something to personally offend them. i don't know why. it's not like they can find my house via email but still.

    people are weird. just all around.

    @tawni: i think ferrets smell funny, too. objectively speaking, they aren't the most pleasantly fragrant of animals. (my hope is to take some of the angry-ferret-owner-hate-mail off your back. feel free to refer them to my comment here as proof you are not alone.)

    when i think of them i think of that episode of "my name is earl" when randy asked, "earl, do snakes have legs?" and earl replied, "they do when they're ferrets."

    *full disclosure: i can't remember which characters actually uttered those lines so i'm crediting them to randy and earl. i'm just begging for "my name is earl" related hate mail.