Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sportiness: we haz it.

the boy had his first basketball practice tonight. his mom, dad, and i sat courtside and watched him and i am proud to report that he did not get hit in the face once and that he displays a distinct lack of suckiness on the court. the kid did all right. this was his first practice for any sport ever and he seemed to have an idea of what was going on and how to follow directions.

he got interested in basketball when we were watching the nba playoffs last season. even his dad, who does not care for sports at all, got really into the mephis/okc series and i guess the boy caught some of that. in any case, we were driving down the road one day when he asked me, completely out of the blue, to find him a team. and so i did. he has been checking out books on the sport and wants to be the next michael jordan. i contend that scottie pippen is just as worthy and highly underrated but we'll argue the fine points later. for now, he has a new sport, a new team, and something to do that requires he pay attention or be run over by charging 2nd graders.

i think he's gonna do okay. and if all goes well, he'll get a scholarship, a nice nba contract, and his dad and i retire in ecuador thanks to his largess.

although i'll just be happy if he doesn't get hit in the face.

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  1. I get basketball confused with hockey. But SONshine is doing gymnastics, so that doesn't matter I guess. I also have no clue how to encourage him at gymnastics. {I've tried the "Yeah! That was AWEsome! Did you see that?! That's my kid!!!!!" route, but evidently, gymnastics is a quiet sport. Huh. Well, maybe posters?}