Sunday, November 20, 2011

stuff got done, y'all. stuff got done.

in preparation for thanksgiving we tore the living room apart and gave it a good cleaning. we also tackled the boy's room (while he's at his mom's and can't interfere with the culling of ancient toys...) and reorganized everything. how much did we take out to be rehomed? let's put it this way: he has room for a recliner in there now.

*spare living room recliner- enjoy your new home*

the china hutch was reorganized and everything in it was dusted. our prized possessions, such as my collection of homies figurines and the husband's pipes, are now displayed in all their glory. all the furniture has been rearranged and it looks lovely.

as i sit here with olive oil in my hair and an avocado mask smeared on my face, i'm congratulating myself on a job well done. for once i feel kind of prepared for the holidays. i'm just going to relax and enjoy.

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