Thursday, November 10, 2011

suddenly...SLEEP! also, i play matchmaker in a passive/agressive way.

so last night i was going to go to bed all early but then i started talking to a dear friend i hadn't talked to in ages. he's this wonderful guy who lives several states away and he is completely in love with this amazing woman. he is more serious about her than i've ever seen him about any woman. the problem? their relationship has hit a bit of a rough patch and the trajectory is a little stalled. my friend has never been big on marriage but now he is totally ready for it because she is just that incredible. so this is my plea to both of them, should they be reading this: get back together, you crazy kids. get married. be in love. have a happy life. he likes your cat. and he hates cats. i will vouch for his sincerity.

well, that heavy-handedness aside, the boy has been with his mom all week. when he's gone, the husband and i like to go to bed at a stupidly early hour, which i plan to do in just a moment. last night, after going to bed much later than i had planned (which was totally worth it and not regrettable at all), the dog kept us awake by letting us know her ear was bugging her, the other dogs decided to have a melee in the kitchen, and my cat decided 2:30 in the morning was a great time to sit on the husband's chest, pat me on the face, and insist that we wake up to play with her. which all pretty much happened non-stop until the sun came up and i wanted to punch the morning.

*i later tried to get back at the cat by revenge-cuddling her while she was napping but it had an effect very different than i intended. any time is cuddle time for her.

and now my knee hurts and my shoulders hurt and i'm sleepy so good night. i'll go be whiny far away from the internet.

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