Saturday, January 28, 2012

kids, religion, and bewildered looking nosy ladies.

the kid and i were in the shoe aisle at target when he asked if i believe in God. i told him i do not. he asked why we go to church. i told him we go because he believes and it's not my place to decide for him what he will believe in. if he believes in God, he can go to church. as we were walking down the center aisle i saw a lady in the next section who had pretty clearly overheard us. she had a look on her face that was a mixture of confusion and disapproval.

i guess maybe the confusion is warranted. even i'm confused about me going to church. i've told my husband that as a sleep deprived atheist, the thing i want to do most is get up early on sunday and hear a sermon.

the disapproval though? what's up with that? i thought the point of having freedom of religion is to allow everyone to decide what to believe, even kids. if he hadn't asked for some time to go to church we wouldn't go. he expressed an interest, though, so he goes. simple. right?

i don't know. maybe i misinterpreted her expression. maybe she hadn't heard us at all. it just feels like when i proclaim myself to be an atheist it elicits a range of responses from people and most of them aren't too pleasant, so i might have a complex about it. logically i know not everyone is staring and pointing and wanting to brand me with a scarlet A. (it's not even the good scarlet A. at least that one entitles the wearer to a bit of fun.) this area of the country is pretty religious so it's easy to feel conspicuous.

and now for something completely different.

the husband is out of town for the night and it's been just me and the kid today. i let him watch the movie Head, starring the monkees. it's rated G, so there's that. he loved it. i feel like he got just a little bit cooler today. now if i can just get him to remember that george, paul, john, and ringo are the beatles and mike, mickey, peter, and davy are the monkees. he thought julian was mickey's son. that's gonna take some work.

it's been hard to write lately. i haven't had anything to say. it's weird. i think i'm getting over that.

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  1. My
    buddhist son was told he's going to hell. By a teacher.