Thursday, February 2, 2012

man, this is hard.

i have cried more in the last week than i think i have in my whole life combined. i think i sprained a tear duct.

we were with zeppo when he passed. when they gave him the injection we were holding him. i kissed him and told him i loved him before he went limp. the staff hugged us, the vet hugged us, they told us to go home and worry about payment later. they let us stay in the room to say goodbye for as long as we needed to. i kept some of the fur he'd shed. we are waiting for the cremated remains. they'll go next to puck's.

this hurts more than i thought it could. the dream i had of him last night left me crying when i woke up and realized he wasn't really there. i have a feeling this will last for a while.

the boy and i cried together for a bit today. this is going to be rough for the whole family.

man, i hate this.